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   Paisley's Pasture began in 2009 with the birth our first child Paisley May. I became a stay at home mom and wanted to give my children hands on farm life experience. I wanted to teach them how to be responsible , have compassion and really understand what it means to truly care for something. We started our farm with Borracho, our miniature highlands bull. From there we added more miniature highlands cattle, ducks, laying hens, horses , donkeys and KuneKune pigs. Our children care for each of our animal and are a huge part of everyday life here on the farm. If its shoveling manure, nursing a sick hen back to health , delivering piglets , mending fences or collecting eggs they are right there along side mom. Our animals are raised to have the very best temperament's and we put our heart and soul into caring for each and everyone of them. Our animals are not just a hobby but loved members of our little family. Our children from birth were raised with our animals , our animals from birth are raised with our children. 

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