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Livestock Guardian Dogs

 A livestock guardian dog (LGD) is a type of pastoral dog bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. Livestock guardian dogs stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd. Their ability to guard their herd is mainly instinctive as the dog is bonded to the herd from an early age. Unlike herding dogs which control the movement of livestock, LGDs blend in with them, watching for intruders within the flock. The mere presence of a guardian dog is usually enough to ward off some predators.  LGDs will confront predators by vocal intimidation, barking, and displaying very aggressive behavior. The dog may attack or fight with a predator if it is unable to drive away the predator. LGDs work best in teams to overwhelm the predators with numbers rather than force. LGDS have been utilized for thousands of years all over the globe to protect stock. The most important thing when choosing a LGD is picking the proper breed and making sure you purchase from working stock. Not all dogs are cut out for LGD work . 

Argus - Turkish livestock guardian dogs

Scan the QR to watch Argus in action.

Here on our farm we have 3 LGDS who guard our Miniature Cattle.

Argus is our large Kangal type male, he was born and raised with stock from day one of life . Argus is devoted to his animals and his people. He would lay down his life to protect his charges against any threat. Argus not only guards this farm against 4 legged and winged predators but the 2 legged human kind as well. Argus is our family and farm guardian , nothing gets by him.  Our 2nd dog is a female Turkish Kangal named Ziva. She is a very soft gentle dog who allows even the smallest piglet to cuddle right up to her. Ziva was born and raised in with stock along side her LGD parents . Ziva is an intelligent girl who is happiest laying along side her kunekune pigs or playing with her human kids.  Our newast addition to the team is  Una . Una is our LGD in training. She is a Central Asian Shepherd. Argus and Ziva excel as Livestock Guardian Dogs and are truly an asset to this farm. They are the eyes and ears of this farm in the dark of night , through the heat of the day 24/7 in any weather. I sleep well at night knowing this farm and my animals are safe.

Our Team.

                                            Meet our guardians !

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