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Paisley's Pasture

Our mommas have started calving for 2023! 

Our sweet puppy cows are born out on the pasture with the herd.  Our herd is overly friendly and will run to greet us as we enter the pasture.  Our calves learn from the adults on how to interact with people. We DO NOT offer bottle babies. We let the moms naturally wean the calves before bringing them up to the house for hand feeding with one on one attention. This system has given us numerous friendly little calves and helps keep our moms happy as well.  Our babies naturally wean around 6-10 months old. It all depends on momma and baby. If you are wanting a back yard pet  I highly recommend a steer vs a heifer. 

UPDATED 11/27/2023

Calves due Dec 2023



FiFi is our petite silver dun HighDex miniature heifer calf . Her mother Mrs.Potts is one of our smallest dwarf cows on pasture her father is a 42" tall silver highlands bull. FiFi is 18 months old and ready to go. 



Shere Khan 

We're proud to introduce Shere Khan, born in August from his parents Minnie and Charming. We expect Khan to remain miniature sized, but we are currently doing chondro testing to confirm .



Licorice & Jasmine

Jasmine and Licorice are two miniature highland calves who will be weaned in the spring of 2024. They were bred by a good friend in Rocksprings TX 

Licorice is a black bull calf $5500

Jasmine is a dun heifer (chondro test pending) $8500



Mowgli is our fuzzy little dun bull calf . He was born in October to Lilo & King Triton . We expect him to mature to a mid mini size and carry a thick heavy highlands coat like previous calves produced by Lilo. 



Captin Jack "Sparrow " is our newest bull calf born Nov 15th to Auroura and Pongo . He is a pretty dun color with some white on his face. He is a Highlands X Highpark cross and we expect him to mature in the 44" range like mom & dad. 


Choosing the right calf for your farm is an important decision, and at Paisley's Pasture, we're here to help. We screen all potential buyers to ensure that our calves go to the best possible homes. If you're interested in purchasing a calf from us, please send us a message and we'll be happy to discuss the calf with you. We require a 50% deposit to hold any calf until weaning, and we're committed to helping you find the perfect addition to your farm.

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