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Paisley's Pasture

UPDATED : January 2022 

We as a family have decided to take a break from raising KuneKune's . We LOVE and adore this breed so very much. Our KK's have given us so many wonderful piglets over the years. We have decided to retire our adults and allow them to enjoy retirement here on the ranch. Below I have listed some reputable breeders here in Texas.

Arrow 127 Ranch                  Katy Aguilar                Natalia, TX

Green Acres Farm                 Dottie Durrett               Terrell TX

Halbert Farm                         Rebeka Halbert         Burleson TX

Brochi Farms                         Rosemarie Redford     PicktonTX

Painted Pig Kune Kune's     Peggy Woodrum       FruitvaleTX

Carter Creek Farms              Kerri Baker           Springtown TX

Our mommas have started calving for 2022! 

Our sweet puppy cows are born out on the pasture with the herd.  Our herd is overly friendly and will run to greet us as we enter the pasture.  Our calves learn from the adults on how to interact with people. We DO NOT offer bottle babies. We let the moms naturally wean the calves before bringing them up to the house for hand feeding with one on one attention. This system has given us numerous friendly little calves and helps keep our moms happy as well.  Our babies naturally wean around 6-10 months old. It all depends on momma and baby. If you are wanting a back yard pet  I highly recommend a steer vs a heifer. 

UPDATED 1/25/2023


Pasquale is the first baby for 2023!! He is a beautiful silver dun born January 18 2023 . Pasquale will be available in June. He is from naturally smaller framed parents who both measure 42" to the hip. 


"Captain" Hook 


Captain is a very sweet dun colored bull calf who was born Aug 2022. He is one of our Micro sized babies. His mother Tinkerbell is our smallest cow on the ranch. His father is also one of our smallest Highland Bulls. Captain will be in the under 40 club when fully mature. He is a HighDex with a light hair coat. 




Miniature scottish highlands for sale


Nana is our beautiful 50/50 Galloway Highlands heifer. She is little and out going. Jet black with a white patch on her belly. Anna her mother is a mid-mini sized cow. He father is a dwarf highlands bull. We expect Nana to mature around 44" 


Miniature Scottish Highlands for sale


Jacquimo aka (Jacq) was born Sept 11 2022 . His mother Bambi, one of our most beautiful highlands. She is dun colored and naturally a short cow. Jacq is her first calf and we couldn't be more proud. I expect Jacq to stay small under 44" when mature. 




Giselle was born Oct 3 2022. She is a beautiful dun colored Highlands and should keep a thick coat.  Minnie's previous calves all have beautiful coats , small structure and gentle temperament's. We expect Giselle to mature around the mid-mini side of 44"



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