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Miniature Scottish Highland Cattle & Friends

 Our little fold grows every year. We strive to produce the very best temperament's and conformation in our calves and often retain one calf every year . Our first miniature bull was purchased in 2009 and our first cow in 2010. Our bull Borracho has produced some wonderful calves for us over the years and his size and demeanor really shows in his offspring year after year. We may not have the teenie tiny micro cattle some seek out but we produce functional miniature cattle still able to move freely through the pasture. Highlands are docile , friendly and a healthy breed overall. They offer not only the perfect pasture pets but also provide meat , milk and fiber.  Highlands are extremely hardy , our's can often be seen grazing on cactus and mesquite. In the 110 degree days of summer they are happy to lounge in the lake and graze mainly at night . We love our little fuzzy pasture hippos and couldn't imagine raising any other breed .  In addition to our Highlands we also have a few crosses . Dexter ,HighDex, Galloway & Highpark cattle can be seen mixed into our highlands herd. 


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Every herd member carries a Disney themed name

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