Registered KuneKune Pigs 

We love the KuneKune breed ! When choosing a perfect homestead pig you can not go wrong with the KuneKunes. Hardy , docile , friendly, easy keepers , very gentle on the pasture all in a small compact size. The KuneKune Pig breed was once near certain extinction. These delightful pigs were only found near the Maori Islands of New Zealand. They were kept by the Maori people and were allowed to roam around their villages.In the late 1970's the breed was 'rediscovered' and at that time it was estimated that there were only about 50 purebred KuneKunes left in New Zealand. From purebred base stock of only 6 sows and 3 boars in 1978, the KuneKune conservation program was created by wildlife park owners Michael Willis and John Simister.  These two gentlemen single handedly saved the breed from extinction.   Once more herds were established in New Zealand, it became clear that exporting of the breed was important. They were afraid that if disease or other natural disasters struck in New Zealand this would wipe the breed out completely.  In 1992 the first KuneKunes left New Zealand to go to the UK.  Additional stock was sent to the UK in 1993 & 1996. All KuneKunes in the United States go back to either direct New Zealand or UK imported stock.  There have been five importations of KuneKune pigs into the USA occurring in 1996, 2005, 2010, and 2012.



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Our KuneKune pigs are duel registered with AKKPS and AKPR registries . 

Babies available


Our current KuneKune lines are

  • Rebecca Gina

  • Kereopa

  • Whakanui 

  • Tuahuru
  • Jenny


Our piglets come registered, DNA 

verified and Microchipped.